The Troutman Town Council praised the town’s administrative staff, police and firefighters as well as volunteers, parade participants, and supportive community members for the successful Independence Day Parade on July 1.

Mayor Teross Young said he had received many positive comments, along with praise for the variety and locarion of vendors selling refreshments along the parade route.

Young and council members also received complaints about the cancellation of the festival and fireworks at the Iredell County Fairgrounds this year.

Town Manager Ron Wyatt explained, as he did at the time of the decision to eliminate these events, that the town’s small staff could not continue to handle all these events in such a small time frame.

At the town’s planning retreat in March, Wyatt and Parks and Recreation Director Emily Watson discussed the long hours required of town staff and the police department to put on the parade at 11 a.m. and then set up for the evening festival and clean up afterwards, with some staff working as much as 32 hours in two days.

“Some are working 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. with no break, in the heat of July,” Watson said.

Fireworks costs were rising by $2,500 this year to nearly $13,000, and with the band, other festival amenities, and personnel wages, Wyatt said the cost for the day’s events could easily reach $25,000.

A nonprofit originally ran the fairgrounds festival event, with the town just providing fireworks and security, and the Marine Corps League organized the parade in its early years, but over time both events fell back on the town as these groups pulled back their participation.

The staff wants to continue organizing and sponsoring the parade, but Wyatt urged community nonprofits to step up to sponsor and organize the pre-fireworks festival and fireworks, as others did in the past for the community.

“We need partners to continue the festival and fireworks show,” Wyatt reiterated.

Wyatt also said the fireworks and festival also require more parking than is currently available and noted these events draw many complaints about noise, traffic, slowing emergency services, and property damage from people parking in their yards.


♦ Council member Eddie Nau asked about consistent enforcement of fencing requirements around the town’s dumpsters. Wyatt said the code enforcement officer has gone around town and identified those out of compliance and has sent notices.

Some have complied and others are trying to get estimates and services but are having difficulty locating someone to complete the fencing work.

♦ Wyatt also reported that work on the future park and recreation building at the ESC Park entrance is continuing. Extra work had to be done to tear out uneven boards in the eaves for durable hardy board type material to be installed and also to add wiring and can lighting to the front of the facility.


On Thursday night at 8 p.m., the Troutman Council (Mayor Teross Young and Felina Harris will be absent) will consider the following items:

♦ Approval of raising the 1-inch pipe water meter fee from $315 to $500 because of rise in meter costs.

♦ Approval of a second amendment to the interlocal agreement between the Town of Mooresville, the Town of Davidson, the Town of Troutman, the City of Statesville, and Iredell County creating the Lake Norman Regional Transportation Commission to terminate the commission on June 30, 2025, unless the current parties vote to extend the term

♦ Approval to adopt a resolution to accept $225,000 in American Rescue Plan (ARP) Grant funding for the clay pipe sewer system inventory and assessment project.

♦ Adopting a resolution to recognize the distinguished service and retirement of Randy A. Galliher.

♦ Setting an August 10 annexation hearing for Sterling Properties of Mooresville (49.54 acres) located west of Autumn Leaf Road and east of Quail Haven Drive.

♦ Setting an August 10 annexation hearing for Barium Springs Home for Children (75.597 acres).

♦ Setting an August 10 public hearing for an annexation boundary agreement between the Town of Troutman and City of Statesville.

♦ Annexation and a subsequent highway business rezoning request by Piedmont Landco of 40.439 acres adjoining the Lowe’s Home Improvement Retail Center.

The council will also:

♦ Recognize Emily Watson as “Town of Troutman Employee of the Month”

♦ Recognize of the service and retirement of Randy Austin Galliher, Troutman Public Works water technician

♦ Hear the quarterly and fiscal year-end report from the Troutman ABC Store from ABC Board Chair Layton Getsinger.