Troutman Elementary School’s FCA chapter held a cereal drive to help fill up the Blessing Box located at Troutman Town Hall.


Troutman Elementary School’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes recently held its third annual “Spread the Cereal” food drive.

Between December 11-19, FCA members encouraged all students to donate boxes of cereal and other nonperishable breakfast items such as Pop Tarts, grits, oatmeal and cereal bars.

The donations were used to fill up the Blessing Box located at Troutman Town Hall.

Meanwhile, the students were learning about compassion, which was the character trait for the month. School officials said it was a wonderful way for all students to show compassion for members of the Troutman community in need.

TES School Resource Officer Jonathan Lyon pitched in by getting his daughter’s cheerleading squad involved at North Iredell by donating breakfast items to help the Troutman community.

This year’s Cereal Drive Class Challenge winner was Jessica Beaver’s fifth-grade class. To end the month of compassion, FCA members handed out the meaning of the candy cane poem to each staff member.