Pictured are Melissa Moorefield and her oldest son, Ethan.

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As a mom of two active boys immersed in the world of soccer, Melissa Moorefield is accustomed to the occasional scrapes and bruises that come with the sport.

However, one Saturday afternoon in April, her routine soccer weekend took an unexpected turn.

“It was April 20, and we were on the soccer field like every other Saturday. My oldest son, Ethan, who is 12 years old, wasn’t really on his A-game that day because it was an easier team. So, him and another played collided, and when they collided, I saw him fall really awkwardly,” Melissa said.

When she asked if he was okay, Ethan shook his head no, and she rushed to his side.

“Both of his arms were hurting because he had used both of them when he had fallen. I went out on the field and helped him up since he couldn’t use either hand to push himself off the ground. I knew right away we needed to get him checked out,” said Melissa.

Seeing he was in pain, Melissa drove her son to the nearest urgent care facility, Iredell Urgent Care – Statesville. Though she had never been there, Melissa had heard positive reviews about their services and care.

“The whole time we were there, everyone was very friendly,” Melissa recalls. “We never felt like we were a burden or bothering them. All four of us, my whole family, came in.”

Their visit to Iredell Urgent Care exceeded their expectations.

“When we arrived, we were not in the waiting room long at all. They took him straight back to X-ray very quickly. I had never had that happen before,” she said.

The X-rays revealed a buckle fracture on Ethan’s left wrist. Melissa was initially shocked at the diagnosis, but she felt comforted in the efficiency and professionalism of the urgent care staff.

“We really did not think he was going to have a broken arm. They did X-rays on both arms just to make sure because they were both hurting him. It could have been a lot worse, so we were glad it wasn’t. Everything went smoothly,” she said.

They were in and out in less than an hour. Ethan was put in a splint past his elbow to keep it stable until they were able to see an orthopedic pediatric doctor.

After the visit, Melissa and her family went back to the soccer complex to watch her nephew.

“It was our first experience at Iredell Urgent Care – Statesville and it was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for better service.”

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