Seniors from all of Iredell-Statesville Schools high schools and early colleges returned to East Iredell Elementary School for a special walk through in their graduation attire.


High-fives and lots of cheering rang through the halls for a couple of minutes as older students, dressed in graduation caps and gowns, walked the hallway of East Iredell Elementary School.

Seniors from all of the district’s high schools and early colleges made a special return to their elementary school. They strolled the halls as their former teachers and the current students looked on and applauded them.

“It was wonderful to have our high school Cobra seniors back in Cobra Country to walk the halls of their elementary school. We are so happy to celebrate their upcoming high school graduation, and we are so proud of them,” said Principal Jennifer Ribbeck. “Once a Cobra, always a Cobra!”

The goal of this annual tradition is for the younger students to see themselves reflected in these seniors. It also teaches them that hard work pays off.