Melissa and Larry pose for a photo with their new pig Franklin.


A small but enthusiastic crowd attended an auction hosted by Iredell County Animal Services on Thursday afternoon for an opportunity to provide a happy ending to the story of the homeless piggy.

The barn was teeming with excitement as families from Stony Point, Troutman and Statesville gathered to catch a glimpse of the charming little pig, which was found in Mooresville. The attendees reveled at the prospect of welcoming the pig into their homes as a beloved pet. Conversations hinted at future plans for the animal.

Tracy V. Sanchez, the volunteer and public outreach coordinator and social media manager, got to add auctioneer to her job description — at least for one day.

“I’ve never done this before, but let’s get it started!” she said.

The auction progressed swiftly with participants calling out spirited bids. The final bid, a respectable $65, secured a new home for the adorable pig.

The story of this pig began on Norman Station Boulevard in Mooresville, where he was discovered and brought to the attention of Iredell County Animal Services. The auction, which was advertised on social media, was an effort to find the animal a forever home and raise funds for the organization’s ongoing efforts to care for stray, abandoned and neglected animals.

Melissa and Larry, an engaged couple from Troutman, placed the winning bid. They were beaming with joy and expressed their excitement about the newest addition to their family. They plan to name the pig “Franklin,” which they said is fitting for his cute stout and precious face.

The couple, who got engaged on November 19, already have a menagerie of animals, including two Nigerian goats, four dogs, two cats, three rats, and plenty of room for one one more.

The couple is confident that their “little” piggy, despite his 65-pound stature, will integrate into their home.

“We have a good bit of land, and it’s home to us and our smaller animals … he will fit in just fine,” Melissa said.

Sanchez expressed her gratitude for the community’s support and the successful outcome of the event. The funds raised by the auction will contribute to the well-being of animals under the care of Iredell County Animal Services.

Franklin’s story, she said, is a heartening reminder of the community’s amazing capacity for compassion.

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