KC Christmas creates female-inspired floral vignettes.

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Women in Paper, an exhibit featuring the work of artists KC Christmas and Tina Vincent, is on display in the Mooresville Arts’ Depot Skylight Gallery through July 18.

Christmas, who lives in Greenville, S.C., and Vincent, who calls Charlotte home, work predominantly with paper to create original artwork.

Christmas creates female-inspired floral vignettes using paper collage and paint with a nod to art history. Known for her unique interpretations of florals, she takes inspiration from the Old Masters of art history and combines them with current, relevant topics. 

Her work explores the depth of human emotion and complexity – from snarky humor to meditative worship. 

Tina Vincent’s work is on display in the Mooresville Depot through July 18.

A mixed-media artist and high school art educator and native of Zimbabwe, Vincent creates female-inspired sculptures using paper mâché and paint with a nod to her African roots and heritage.

“I love mixed media because there are no rules, and it allows me to experience the possibilities of the materials,” she said. “I love experimenting with different mixed media combinations, and I am able to create unique processes and products. Some of my favorite media include acrylic painting, quilting and sewing, collage, ceramics, paper maché, and batik. I often weave these applications throughout my work.”

It is an exhibit of ladies, created by ladies, in paper and more!

Most of the artwork is for sale, and art sales directly benefit participating artists and Mooresville Arts, a nonprofit arts gallery and organization.

Mooresville Arts is located at 103 W. Center Avenue in Mooresville. Gallery hours are from 12 to 4 p.m. on Tuesday-Saturday.


Visit mooresvillearts.org.