N.B. Mills Elementary School students enjoyed a day of fun Friday. 


Under blue skies, N.B. Mills Elementary School students spent most of their day outside at Field Day on Friday.

The end-of-year event brings students, faculty and the community together for a day of outdoor fun and friendly competition.

Classes rotated through half a dozen games spread out across the field. Games included traditional favorites such as tug-of-war, as well as limbo and a potato sack race.

“We get some exercise out here, and it’s fun to hang out and make new friends,” said 10-year-old Khadynce Daye, 10.

Fifth-grader Daniel Chacon was smiling and bouncing down the slide, which was his favorite activity, along with tug-of-war.

“Sometimes it’s girls against boys in tug-of-war, but it’s always a friendly and fun,” Olivia Davis said.

“The kids really love Field Day. We are thankful for the community partners that made this possible,” said Instructional Coach Cierra Ferguson.

School board member Abby Trent, who organized the event at the beginning of the school year and one at the end of the year, said that she likes that the kids have a day that is all about them.

“A lot of them have come up and spoken to me. A little boy brought me flowers he picked. I like having the ability to interact with the teachers and speak with them, which I might not otherwise have. They are all doing a great job and need to be commended,” Trent said.

She said that they added a few more games and changed up the craft activity from painting rocks to flowers and making wooden toys.

Grill 4 God cooked and donated more than hamburgers and hot dogs.

Other community partners that were involved included Foundation of Hope and Front Street Baptist Church. Faith-based partners and school volunteers helped with inflatables, popcorn and sno-cones. All of the food was donated.

Statesville High School football players came out to volunteer their time with the children.

“I think it shows the younger kids that you are never too good to help others,” said SHS student Davin Clark.

Clark, 18, said he bonded with many of the kids and gave them pointers with some of the games.

Another SHS student Noah Owens said that working with younger kids was a new experience, but he wasn’t nervous and had a good time.

“It’s always nice to put a smile on a kid’s face. You never know what they are going through,” he said.

Kandice Mayberry, an EC teacher, said events like this help the community see the great work the school is doing.

“We want to make sure that our students are working to reach their potential. Some students come in so far behind and we have to make sure we are doing what we need to as a school to help them be successful on a daily basis,” Mayberry explained.

“We try and build a positive rapport with our students and parents. A lot begins at home and we want to emphasize what we are doing at school,” she added.

Mayberry said that it brought her joy to see the students having such a good time.

“Sometimes they need a break from all the learning. Then they can come back on Monday refreshed and ready to learn,” she said.