Nearly 200 people gathered at the Statesville Civic Center on Wednesday evening to learn more about the proposed Holland Farms development.

Despite the detailed description of the amenities proposed by Jordan Grant and Associates for the 367-acre development off Scotts Creek Road, neighbors remained opposed to the project.

“We moved out in the country to get away from the crime in the city,” resident Jude Hutchinson said.

Like other attendees at Wednesday’s meeting, Hutchinson attended an earlier presentation about the project and still has many concerns.

“We have a lot of people here with pretty gray hair. We moved out here to purchase a lifestyle. I know you are trying to create a lifestyle for these people, but for God’s sake not on Scotts Creek.”

Many residents had specific concerns about the proposed 1,120-unit development. Some don’t want a bar in the retail space, while others said the density — three units per acre — was too much, and the lots were too small.

The development would result in first responders being spread too thin, create a need for new schools, and require costly new infrastructure, the neighbors said. The biggest complaint stemmed from the inclusion of 310 apartment units in the proposal.

Some residents remained opposed to the entire project, but others have accepted the reality that development was coming.

“We all have to show up to the council meetings and talk on social media as to what we want,” Tina Rodriguez explained. “If you don’t show up, we are going to be run over. These guys are listening to us. We just need to come together to tell them what we want to see. This is going to happen regardless. But we can be a part of this and protect ourselves if we work together.”

The project includes single-family homes, multi-family units and retail space, along with nearly 168 acres of open space that includes trails, greenways and parks. Traffic studies and school occupancy assessments are expected to be completed soon.

The Statesville Planning Board will consider the proposal during its meeting on June 25. The first reading of the proposed annexation is tentatively scheduled for Statesville City Council’s July meeting with the second reading expected in August.


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