Pictured (back row) are Penny Bingman, Wendy Bingman and Bunny Cadigan; and (front row) Bobby Bingman and Betty Bingman.

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For over 40 years, Bobby Joe Bingman was a farmer in Statesville. He was always ready to help those less fortunate, often lending them financial assistance for necessary medications or taking them to doctor’s appointments. He always put his family first and welcomed his niece and her son into his home when they needed a place to stay.

Bobby Joe’s daughters, Penny and Wendy Bingman, spent most of their days on the farm with their father. Their mother, Betty, worked alongside their father for many years.

Despite facing various health issues, including a heart attack, an aneurysm and a stroke, Bobby Joe never failed to take care of his family. Even when he was paralyzed, he remained determined to provide for them.

When Bobby Joe fell ill in March 2023, he went to Iredell Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department. The medical team quickly diagnosed him with pneumonia but also discovered he had suffered another stroke and needed to see a neurologist. The following 24 hours were critical.

“We took Dad to Iredell because it’s the only place we trust,” said Penny Bingham. “They saw us quickly and treated us like family or a close friend.”

Unfortunately, Bobby Joe’s organs began to fail, and despite the hospital staff doing all they could, he passed away. The hospital chaplain, Allison “Bubba” Simmons, comforted the Bingman family, playing gospel music and praying with them.

Bobby Joe’s daughters remember how their father smiled when the chaplain was there, holding his hand and providing comfort in his final moments.

“Throughout our time at Iredell, the chaplain was our biggest fan. She kept checking in on us, even after Dad’s passing,” said Wendy Bingman. “That’s something special you can’t find anywhere else.”

The Bingman family was grateful for the excellent care and support provided by the hospital staff during Bobby Joe’s final hours. Though missing a significant part of their family and a piece of their hearts, the Bingman family felt a sense of comfort knowing Bobby Joe had lived a fulfilling life and always put others before himself. They knew that Bobby Joe would have been pleased to be remembered as a kind and generous man who helped many people throughout his life.

The Bingman family has been going to Iredell Memorial Hospital for many years and find it their healthcare home. 

The Bingmans are appreciative of the Iredell staff, expressing that they treated them like family, going above and beyond to make them feel welcome and cared for. The nurses, doctors, and other staff members had become familiar faces over the years, and they knew the family by name. This level of familiarity and personal attention was something that other facilities couldn’t offer them.

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