The Statesville City Council on Monday accepted a $15.5 million grant from the state that will fund improvements at the Statesville Regional Airport.

The grant from the N.C. Department of Transportation will provide $6 million to pay for the construction of a new terminal building at the airport.

The remaining $9.5 million will fund development of pad-ready hangar sites. If funds allow, the city will also construct one or two spec hangars for aircraft currently on the hangar waiting list.


In other business, the council:

♦ Heard a presentation from Rep. Jeff McNeely in which he announced that the state budget had been ratified.

“We’ve done quite a bit of work with water and sewer and our airport. I know you have spent the money wisely and we’ll be glad to work with you any way we can,” McNeely said.

Mayor Costi Kutteh voiced appreciation for McNeely’s efforts.

“We appreciate your work and the work of the rest of our delegation,” the mayor said.

♦ Heard a report by City Manager Ron Smith, who explained that the city is applying for a $15 million U.S. Department of Transportation RAISE grant. If funded, the grant would fund 1.6 miles of sidewalks, pedestrian crossings and potentially underground utilities along Shelton Avenue/Center Street from Sharpe Street to Amity Hill Road.

“This is a major undertaking. It will actually create a connection from South Statesville to Downtown, and will hopefully be much safer for pedestrians. It does meet the goals for the Land Development Plan and the Strategic Development Plan,” Smith explained.

♦ Approved the second reading of Text Amendments to the Unified Development Code filed by the City of Statesville to amend Article 8 Public Facilities Requirements, Section 8.01 Generally; Section 8.02 Water; Section 8.03 Centralized Wastewater Systems; and Section 8.04 Private (On-Site) Wastewater Systems to address inconsistencies and clarify the requirements regarding public wastewater requirements.

♦ Approved the second reading of Text Amendments to the Unified Development Code filed by the City of Statesville to amend Article 5 Supplemental Regulations/Performance Standards for Specific Uses, Section 5.02 Accessory Uses and Structures and Article 9 Definitions.

♦ Approved the second reading of a Rezoning Request for property located on Dorset Place between Club Drive and Fox Avenue, Statesville, from CU-18 R-5MF (High Density Multi-Family Residential Conditional Zoning) District to R-5MF (High Density Multi-Family Residential) District. The applicant is requesting that the 8.87-acre tract be rezoned to allow a townhome subdivision.

♦ Approved the second reading of a Rezoning Request for property located at 444 Third Creek Road, Statesville, from the Third Creek Zoning District to the LI (Light Industrial) District. The city is requesting that their 275.59-acre tract be subdivided, with a 30-acre portion to be rezoned to allow for the future Mitchell Community College Public Safety Training Facility.

♦ Appointed Dustin Jett to a three-year term on the Stormwater Advisory Commission.

♦ Approved updating the existing Purchasing Policy to allow the city manager to delegate contract authority to a “City Manager designee” for purchases of apparatus, supplies, materials, or equipment above $90,000 that have been presented and approved in the annual budget.

♦ Approved the sole source vendors for the City of Statesville for apparatus, supplies, materials, or equipment in accordance with state law.

♦ Held a public hearing and approved first reading of an annexation request for 2 acres located at 315 Museum Road. The property being considered for annexation has been submitted by CDH-Driver’s Custom Homes and Commercial Contracting LLC on behalf of Kenneth and Denise Morrison. The property is currently vacant; however, the applicant intends to subdivide the parcel into two conforming parcels and construct a single-family dwelling on each parcel.

♦ Held a public hearing and approved a Resolution of Closure and Declaration of Withdrawal to permanently Mott Street. No roadway has been constructed within the right of way of Mott Street and the owner wishes to construct a development on the parcel bifurcated by the street.