The West Iredell High School JROTC program held its awards ceremony on Wednesday.

Among the award recipients were three cadets who were recognized for the bravery they demonstrated last summer.

On July 26, 2023, Rome Lackey, Cameron Morrison, and Mack Shook were kayaking on Lookout Shoals when they noticed a group of other young men swinging on a rope into the water when Peyton Dickey’s (one of the young men) foot was caught in the rope.

After seeing Dickey submerged, the three paddled over and helped keep his head above the water. Working together, the three rescued him.

Retired Army Gen. James Mallory III presented Cameron Morrison and Mack Shook with the Medal of Heroism. He also presented Lackey’s family with the Heroism Plaque. Lackey has graduated.

Mallory spoke about the Army’s values, saying that each of the cadets demonstrated them.

“What these young men did on that day reflects those values of selfless service and personal courage,” he said.