Erika Murillo Ureña, only 45 years old, died on March 28, 2024. She lived her last seven months in Statesville, N.C., at her son’s house. On February 23, we took her to the hospital in Durham and it was not until March 22 that she was discharged. After returning home, she lived for six days in hospice care. My mother died with a lot of pain but with much more love surrounded by her two daughters and her son, her sister Luz, who is the oldest, her niece, her daughter-in-law, and her oldest granddaughter. The cancer grew too much that Erika’s body had to rest.

Erika was born on Tuesday, December 3, 1978, in San Francisco del Rincon Guanajuato. She was the second to be born of 12 children in total. Her mother Hilda Ureña Gonzalez and father Antonio Murillo Cruz are very happy with the arrival of their second daughter. They never imagined that the last time they gave their daughter a hug and kiss was one day in June 2006. On that day Erika and her children, Eri and Lalin, boarded a truck on their way to Reynosa to cross the border. Erika heading to Charlotte, N.C., with her husband Eduardo Hernandez Cobian. Erika and Eduardo met as children and married on May 18, 1995. All her life Erika always thought about her family first, always taking care of her three children, Eri, Lalin and Amber. In the 17 years in Charlotte, Erika met many people, as she was always talking with mothers of the same age and similar situations. She did not miss a day when she did not smile so that her children and friends would not see the suffering she hid. Erika’s greatest treasure was her three children. In 2016 her life changed when she began to have grandchildren. Erika leaves behind her five grandchildren, Janeighri (8), Adriel (4), Isacar (4), Jelanie (2), and Edwin (2). They will always remember her as the best grandma in the world.

Thanks to Erika for doing her bit to bear the fruit of her womb and give life to the next generations.

Thousands of thanks to everyone who has helped us with the cost of burying Erika Murillo. And to all those who helped us in the mental process to live without Erika but always in our hearts.

Funeral, visit and ceremony are scheduled for Thursday, April 4, 2024, at Nicholson Funeral Home, 135 E Front Street, Statesville. Burial will be Friday April 5, 2024, at 2304 Shelton Avenue in Statesville.

Nicholson Funeral Home is serving the family.