To the Editor:

The Statesville Human Relations Commission was re-organized in 2016 to provide the community with a resource and vehicle to stand up against acts of hatred and racism as well as fair housing violations.

Recent events compel this Commission to let the citizens of Statesville know that we will continue to promote tolerance and inclusion. As members, we are committed to modeling kindness and open-mindedness through our language and lives.

We share the outrage felt by the citizens of Georgia who have suffered a horrific loss. Let us all work together to insure this type of event never happens here.

We are fortunate that the Statesville Police Department shares core values of tolerance and inclusion. We are grateful that Statesville Police Chief David Addison has made it a priority for his officers to become members OF a community, not just the enforcing arm FOR a community.

Should you require the assistance of the Statesville Human Relations Commission, please email us at

Terri Masiello, chairperson
Statesville Human Relations Commission

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