Were you upset or even just plain mad with all the issues during this past election?

Are you happy that in North Carolina we didn’t have the problems that were seen in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona and others?

We were almost there!

North Carolina does have a problem, and that is Attorney General Josh Stein. In 2018 Stein stated “the bulk of voter fraud occurs absentee.” In 2020 Stein worked to create and help extend that exact opportunity! In a 2020 “sue and settle scheme,” Stein was involved in a lawsuit that gave power to the N.C. State Board of Elections to change the state’s elections laws.

North Carolina law required two witness signatures on absentee ballots for many years. That law was recently changed to require only one. The attorney general, in this lawsuit settlement, did away with the necessity of any witness signature and extended the return date of these ballots to nine days past election day. Doing away with witness requirements allows for much more opportunity for ballot harvesting and a greater chance of voter fraud.

N.C. General Assembly leadership filed lawsuits and gained favorable restraining orders that were sidestepped and disregarded by Stein.

Why has the N.C. Bar Association not looked into or investigated the questionable actions during this time?

We owe much thanks to our leadership and members of the N.C. General Assembly.

We are indebted to the NCGOP leadership and staff. That gratitude extends to our local GOP leadership, committees and our grassroots organizations. All of the hardworking people that kept watch and fought for free and equal elections are to be commended. The voters and these people are the only reason we aren’t on that previous list.

Will that be enough for the next election?

What will be enough is for us to work to have great conservative Republicans file to run for office. Filing to run for office in 2022 will be in December of this year. Primary elections will be in the spring of 2022. The time to find the proper candidates to fill those seats is now.

In North Carolina we will gain a U.S. Congressional District due to our population growth. Redistricting will be happening with that additional opportunity to elect a new representative. All of our U.S. House seats will be up for re-election. We also have a senator to replace as Richard Burr is not seeking to return to office. Washington is out of control and we can help resolve this issue by electing solid conservative Republicans. Lots of opportunity exists to improve our state and country.

Our opportunity to stop the out-of-control ways of Josh Stein will be entirely up to us. We must gain Republican members in the N.C. House and Senate to retake our supermajority. We must work in our districts and help our neighboring districts to elect conservative Republicans.

If you’re posting on social media about your disgust, you should get involved with your local Republican clubs and committees. In Iredell County we have many opportunities, including the Iredell County Republican Women, The Piedmont Crossroads Young Republicans and the Iredell County Republican Men’s Club.

County Conventions are happening across our state very soon. Iredell County’s Republican Convention is March 6. Get involved.

We welcome all registered Republicans, including anyone who is considering joining the GOP and good Conservatives needing questions answered. Reach out to one of the clubs. This is our time to make a difference.

♦ Ron Wyatt, chairman Iredell County GOP Executive Committee

♦ Heather Gessler, president, Iredell Republican Women

♦Mark Cash, president, Iredell Republican Men

♦Caitlin Gregory, vice president, Iredell Republican Women

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Iredell County Republicans have important work to do in 2021

  1. Only voter fraud I have seen lately was the ballot harvesting of Republican Mark Harris. Truth is truth.

    • You are correct. And that ended up with a presidential pardon – wink wink. Far more serious issue is the relentless efforts led by Republicans to make it harder for people to vote. Over 100 bills have been introduced in state legislatures so far this year to make it harder to vote.

  2. Allen Edwards says:

    Washington was “out if control” the past 4 years. Now that the Republican “savior” has been thoroughly repudiated by the electorate, with loss of the Presidency and both houses of Congress, maybe we can get back to sane, competent leadership.

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