Homelessness and hunger are colossal problems in America. No one should have to worry about whether they will have food on their plate or a roof over their head. In reality, hunger and homelessness are widespread problems that affect far too many people. A recent AP poll shows more than half a million people in America experience hunger and homelessness every night. Another survey revealed that a few million people are homeless for the entire year. 

America’s resources are adequate to wipe out hunger and homelessness from our country. The government and political leaders need to formulate policies and utilize resources and monetary funds to fight against hunger, poverty, and homelessness.

The sad reality is that political leaders of our country take little interest in this issue. One main reason is the requirement of significant funds. Political leaders are not willing to spend millions of dollars for the construction of thousands of homes. Political leaders need voters to help them win their election campaigns. The poor and homeless people have more important issues like food and shelter than worrying about voting and elections. So, why would political leaders spend millions of dollars on people who did not vote for them? 

As a result of the hunger and homelessness in America, many cities have to face street crimes that originate from illegitimate shelter homes. These street crimes are unacceptable. The police forces who should take strict actions against such illegal shelters and street crimes are prohibited by their city leaders from enforcing laws effectively. 

Institution leaders, such as schools, worship places, business groups, service organizations, a local government administration, must be part of the solution. These institutions have a prodigious amount of public power. Leaders from all of these sectors could contribute time and ideas to addressing this problem. 

Similarly, “community leaders” are another great source of creating awareness against hunger and homelessness. These individuals are essential to creating a meaningful change in the public since they have the maximum influence. 

Currently, the southern part of Statesville accommodates the central homeless campsite in the city, triggering numerous problems for its residents. These residents have asked the city administration to intervene to pursue a unified solution, but it was useless. 

It is of paramount importance that the current city administration respond to poverty and homelessness. It is the hour to eradicate homelessness throughout the world to promote long-term health and safety and to fight against the outbreak of COVID-19.

Politicians, city officials and community leaders must adopt a multi-faceted coordinated approach to solve this problem. Sadly, it is cheaper to point out the mistakes of others than to work for the benefit of homeless and poor people. Homeless persons are labeled as sluggish, maniacs, and they choose to stay homeless.

Joseph Glasgow is a Statesville resident and candidate for mayor.

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