I write to remind you that Thursday and Friday will probably be the last-ever broadcasts of the “Rush Limbaugh Show.” 

Many of you are of course busy from 12 to 3 p.m. and may not have the time or interest to listen.

I consider it a closing of an era in our lives that is very significant, especially for Conservatives. For many of you that are my elders, there are probably many others you remember of even more life and death significance. For me, the Challeger explosion, the election of Bill Clinton, the death of President Ronald Reagan, 9-11, the election of Barack Obama and last November’s “steal” were closing of good eras, although we always have hope and faith that with grace and work we can help it get better. These are just mile markers in time.

Just consider how different our lives would be if Mr.Limbaugh was never around to take on the Left? How different would the Republican Party be? He helped us continue Reagan Conservatism and expand it. Low regulations and taxes for economic expansion and individual liberty. President Donald Trump knew how important Rush was and gave him the Medal of Freedom — and governed by these ideals!

1. Who could stand up to the Clintons in the 1990s?

2. Who else so early on could push the Republicans to stay Conservative and not go squishy?

3. Who publicly would first take on liberal crazy ideas with logic?

4. Who helped the Newt Gingrich revolution in 1994 to take over the House (+54) and Senate (+8) to have both houses of Congress for first time since 1952?

5. Who could make fun of the Left any better with skits and songs?

6. Who paved the way for other Conservative media to find a formula to be successful?

7. Where else could you get the real news early while you ate lunch?

8.  Who else could make the Democrats spend so much more time and money during the Hillary vs. Obama primary with Operation Chaos?

9. How many of us got good ideas and talking points to use with our friends and family because of this show?

It was so great in college to have a Conservative voice to help counter the few liberals I had at N.C. State. I’m sure now it is much worse.

How different will it be to not hear the opening music at 12:07, or the myriad of catch phrases Rush trademarked. I’m sure Buck Sexton and the guy I don’t know will be great, but it will not the same. We move on, like “Rugged Individualists” do.

So if you have a few minutes, for old times sake, catch a few minutes from 12 to 3 p.m. on 1400 WSIC or whatever radio market or app you have and remember Rush and how he helped us and what we learned, and how we can take what we learned to help others.

I thank God for the talent he loaned Rush Limbaugh and how he helped our country and world to be better.

John Allen is the chairman of the Iredell County Republican Party.

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