I am old enough to remember Ronald Regan’s presidency. I recall being surprised the media presented the news as if Reagan personally set the price of gasoline. If the price of gas went up by any amount, there was great outrage that the President of the United States was conspiring with “Big Oil” to raise gas prices and to increase evil oil company profits. Under President George H. W. Bush, who actually did work in the oil industry, the assumption of underhanded play was even more strongly suggested by the media. There was never a shred of proof he conspired to raise energy costs, just guilt by association. President George W. Bush was blamed for energy prices under the assumption that he was carrying water — or in this case carrying oil — for his father’s buddies. President Donald Trump escaped the rising gas price criticism because the price of energy went down during his presidency. Read that last line again.

Now that Joe Biden is the president, the price of gasoline has risen from below $2 per gallon to over $3 per gallon. That is a BIG increase. Everyone who drives feels that sting every week. Everyone who buys groceries feels that sting every week.

We haven’t seen price increases like this since the Arab oil embargo in 1973-1974. For decades I have watched and read various news stories covering any increase in the price of gasoline, then blaming it on the president. Recently, all the major legacy networks have run stories about rising energy costs. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN have all run stories about the rising cost of gasoline. They just failed to say two words: Joe Biden. They did not mention his name — not once. They did not imply he caused it. They didn’t suggest he could fix it. His name is purposely excluded to avoid any ownership of the problem, or lack of a solution.

I am not one who believes the president is responsible for every single solitary event in the entire United States. The president is not always to blame. However, President Biden is proud that through Executive Order he has “undone” what President Trump “did.” The oil and gas industries were specifically targeted by Biden. We are living with the result of Joe Biden’s presidency.

When you and your neighbors pump that $3 gasoline, say his name. The media sure won’t.

Ken Robertson is a former Iredell County commissioner.

7 thoughts on “Viewpoint: Say his name every time you fill up

  1. Tip Nicholson says:

    From Patrick DeHann: So, the resident in the White House during the massive drop in oil production was actually Trump, and it has started to rise again under Biden. But as I’ve said — it’s because Covid, so stop telling yourself a President is the primary driver of U.S. oil production.

  2. Buddy Janvrin says:

    Free market! How many times have I heard a conservative say, “it’s the free market. That’s how it works.” So in your mind, if we elect a conservative next cycle all our worries are gone. Seems your more of the problem than the solution. I may mention Biden’s name when filling up, but you can bet I also say Trump’s name when I see daily what a mess he helped perpetuate! Buddy J.

  3. NO President should be held responsible for the gas prices. I don’t care who he is. Gas prices may have gone down during Trump’s reign, but he should be held accountable for much worse problems that we had during his “presidency” and will continue to have.

  4. Ken, I could not agree with you more. Every decision that President Biden has made since in office has been wrong. I could list each one but most citizens know what they are. Thanks for your letter for it was enlightening. Butch Bell

  5. Oil prices hit bottom because of the pandemic. That $1.85 was the price it took to put it into your tank. Now that prices are normal, it is as though Republicans have forgotten capitalism.

  6. Ken Robertson says:

    Thanks to all who commented. Glad you agreed with me the President does not set the price of gasoline; therefore all the press and politicians who blamed previous administrations were, in fact, wrong. I am glad you now agree.

    The Presidents also don’t cause hurricanes to hit New Orleans or diseases. If we want to tone down division, everyone can participate in that effort.

    I am also happy to see the comments on how prices are dependent upon supply and demand. So if any political person restricts supply by canceling oil and gas pipelines between the U.S. and Canada, that restricts supply and raises prices. When fracking and drilling are stopped, that also restricts supply. Therefore, those who oppose supply indirectly support policies that lead to higher prices. The price of gasoline reflects policy, not rhetoric from either side.

    Finally, those who want to make their country better are my friends — even if we may disagree on how best to do it.

    My commentary was directed primarily at a biased national press. I want to thank Iredell Free News for sharing local stories with an unbiased voice, and for sharing opinion pieces from both sides.

    We are all in this together.

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