Recruiting and retaining law enforcement officers is challenging nationwide. To recruit top-tier law enforcement officers, agencies must compensate and provide benefits that compete with similarly situated positions locally and nationally.

Recruiting does not end after hiring an officer. Retaining those officers requires a proactive approach in an era where the need for veteran officers far outweighs the supply.

Over the last several years, our proactive actions put us in a position to compete with other law enforcement agencies and private sector jobs. Investing in our employees and their career development is twofold — more training and experience results in better customer service and less liability.

The return on our investment equates to a 43 percent overall reduction in crime during the last seven years. This figure illustrates the success, but the deputies’ pride and sense of belonging to a family also speak volumes. The family atmosphere at the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office is a product of programs that cater to our officers and their families. These programs create a platform to engage and form relationships outside the employee and employer relationship.

Are you looking to start a career in law enforcement but have not been through Basic Law Enforcement Training? Our Deputy Sheriff Candidate program provides a unique opportunity to join our team before attending BLET.

Are you currently a sworn law enforcement officer in North Carolina? We will pay you for your experience, education, and North Carolina law enforcement certificates.

I was recently asked what the starting pay was for a new hire with a bachelor’s degree without previous law enforcement experience who wanted to work night shift as a patrol or detention deputy. I told them about our recent work to get our employees paid what they deserve based on the market value of the position, and we could bring them in on day one at $52,166 per year.

We value qualified applicants and encourage you to apply or contact us regarding these opportunities. This could open doors to new experiences in a rewarding career path with one of the country’s best retirement systems.

Our brochures (below) highlight just a few of the benefits of joining our team. For more information or to meet with a recruiter, please give us a call.

Darren Campbell is the Iredell County sheriff.

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  1. Deborah Winsor says:

    I hope young men and women apply. So many of us support our Law Enforcement. Many more than don’t!

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