To the Editor:

As we step into the month of January, it is with great pleasure and gratitude that we take a moment to celebrate and honor five very important people within our educational community – our dedicated Mooresville Graded School District School Board members.

The role of a school board member is often a thankless one, yet their impact on the quality of education and the overall well-being of our schools is immeasurable. This month let us collectively extend our heartfelt appreciation to these individuals who dedicate countless hours to shaping the future of our students and the community at large.

Our school board members commit their time, energy and expertise to make informed decisions that benefit every student under their care. They tirelessly work to create an environment that fosters learning, growth and success. Through countless meetings, discussions and thoughtful deliberations, our board members navigate complex issues, always with the best interest of our students in mind. Their commitment to ensuring equitable and inclusive education for all reflects a profound understanding of the diverse needs of our student body.

It is not just the decisions they make, but the passion and advocacy they bring to the table that set our MGSD school board members apart. They champion the cause of education, fighting for resources, policies, and programs that empower our educators and provide students with the tools they need to succeed. In doing so, they contribute significantly to the growth and prosperity of our community as a whole.

Mr. Whitfield, Ms. Pennell, Ms. Bender, Mr. Brawley, and Dr. Marsh – thank you for your leadership, your sacrifices, and your unwavering commitment to the success of our students. Your hard work does not go unnoticed, and we are truly fortunate to have such an outstanding school board shaping the educational landscape of our community.

Superintendent Jason Gardner & the MGSD Leadership Team

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