To the Editor:

The “circus” is in town? Wow, what a professional way to address a group of volunteers who serve the community. Now the town manager wants to send them to training? I know a few people at town hall who need some training.

By the way, how in the world can this Town Council approve $3.2 million in additional expenditures above the current approved fiscal budget? This insane amount was hidden in the consent agenda and does not reflect the actual costs to taxpayers.

Look at the agenda, folks. There’s no mention of dollar amounts associated with each item being requested. Why? Maybe the town administration was trying to keep these additional expenditures hidden from the public. This is so wrong! Every one of these additional expenditures needs to be thoroughly discussed at a council meeting.

Yes, some of this was discussed at the workshop but not in detail. Just so the taxpayers understand, this $3.2 million is above and beyond the budget that the council approved for the fiscal year. Did staff miss all this additional “need” when the budget was approved?

Don’t worry taxpayers, this multi-million dollar miss will be made up by expected revenues. Wake up, taxpayers!

Dan Hester

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