To the Editor:

The burden of oppressive municipal taxes that we are experiencing in the Town of Troutman could be alleviated if we had a budget-conscious town manager or at least adequate budget supervision and oversight.

Mr. Wyatt’s comments on a local radio show last week about designing and building a new multi-million dollar town hall in Troutman raise red flags. Apparently, he has been traveling around the state with an architect touring towns with elite town hall structures. Why is this proposed excessive expenditure being allowed when there are much better options that would save taxpayer money?

For example, the new North Fork Business Park in Troutman could be an ideal situation for town hall. The developer has indicated he can “build-to-suit” with adequate space ready to accommodate a Troutman Town Hall complex; and, with more feasible expenditures that would save on purchase of a more expensive property and expensive architectural fees. We need a practical and common sense approach to this proposed town hall.

Troutman is overwhelmed with infrastructure needs. Our schools are overcrowded, our roads are inadequate, our utilities are inadequate, and, over development is out of control. Why waste taxpayer money on a “showplace” when being fiscally responsible is best practice for serving the needs of our citizens?

C J Thompson

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