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Iredell-Statesville Schools officials are investigating after a bus driver drove through rising stormwater late Thursday morning, prompting criticism on social media from numerous individuals who watched a video of the incident.

I-SS schools were dismissed early as a result of inclement weather and due to the forecast for heavy rains and worsening conditions throughout the day.

According to a district news, I-SS school bus No. 312, which transports Troutman Elementary students, drove through standing water in Ridge Creek subdivision, which is located off Clontz Hill Road in Troutman. 

Prior to leaving the elementary campus, school administrators assigned an additional adult monitor to ride each bus in an effort to more closely monitor weather and road conditions, according to the news release.

The bus entered into the neighborhood, which has only one way in and one way out, at 11:34 a.m. After dropping off students in the neighborhood and prior to exiting the neighborhood, there was a significant change to the water level on the roadway, according to I-SS.

The driver called the principal and asked for advice. The bus sat for several minutes as a decision was made about exiting the neighborhood. After discussion among three adults and watching multiple other vehicles drive through the area without incident, the driver was directed by her supervisor to exit the neighborhood, the district said.

The bus drove through the water at 11:51 a.m.

According the I-SS, bus drivers are trained to not drive through water unless it is an emergency. After completing a review of the situation, the district will determine further action.

Superintendent Brady Johnson reported that all students returned home safely on Thursday. 

“Inclement weather calls are extremely difficult and complex,” Johnson said. “We do acknowledge that is very disruptive, but these decisions are made with the facts that we have at the moment, and with the best interest of the students in mind. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we navigate these difficult decisions.

3 thoughts on “I-SS officials investigating after school bus drives through stormwater

  1. The bus driver was told to go through the storm water by her supervisor.
    Why should any further actions be researched?
    Nothing should be done to the driver. She did what she was told!
    Good move to put a monitor on the bus.
    A monitor should be on every bus every day!

    • She and her boss needs to be fired your told turn around dont drown what if it was different and lives where lost bad choose

  2. Marion Wright says:

    I know the rule about not driving through water, and I agree; however, the bus didn’t drive through any water going into the neighborhood, but the water was there as they left the neighborhood. In reading the article, it sounds like the bus driver followed the rules, stopped, called her supervisor, asked for advice, waited and watched as other cars drove through without incident. The news can say all it wants, the media always does, blows things way out of proportion when they don’t have all the info – they weren’t there and have no idea. They didn’t see other cars drive through. Was the driver to wait longer for more water to flow through or go on, with the approval of her supervisors? The fact that the schools released early during storms with tornado warnings was actually more dangerous. Children are more in danger in buses and cars, than in school buildings inside, if a tornado comes. Mecklenburg County kept schools in session for that very reason, and I’m thankful that my son was in Meck County schools when the high winds and tornado warnings came through. Just my personal opinion on the whole situation though. I know my child wasn’t on this bus, so I have less right to speak than a parent with a child on this bus, but NOTHING BAD HAPPENED !! These kids all got home safely, and no first responders were risked either to rescue kids across water because the bus stayed and didn’t cross. Yes, something bad could have happened, but didn’t. Why do we have to be back seat drivers and critique “IF” something happened, when what we should be doing is saying Thank you God that you protected our kids, the bus driver, and the bus, in a bad situation. I’ll tell you why, because people always focus on the bad and negative, just the way social media and the news want us to

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