Special to Iredell Free News

Something new is coming to the Iredell County non-profit community.

Beginning February 10, Love United Iredell will provide a platform for 27 local non-profit organizations to band together over a two-week period to raise the funds needed to change 62,018 lives for the better during the next six months.

Organizers hope the effort will create a big impact on the lives of people across this community.

Projects include providing new recovery and therapy services to local veterans in need; helping ensure that all children enter kindergarten ready to succeed; supporting first responders when they are on the scene at a crisis; and teaching customer service skills to teens seeking employment.

And that’s just the first first projects. Please keep your eye out, and when the projects launch on February 10, give them a hard look. If you find something that you wish to make happen for our community, then take advantage of this opportunity to have your donation matched, and share the project with your friends.

The United Way’s media and corporate partners, including Iredell Free News, will be sharing information throughout the two-week effort.

Together, during this Valentine’s Day season, we can show that the heart of Iredell County beats strong and that we, as always, pull together to help out our neighbors in need.