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During the Town Board meeting on September 8, Mooresville’s Board of Commissioners affirmed and endorsed the formation of the Mayor’s Taskforce on Diversity and Inclusion, and charged Mayor Miles Atkins to provide the leadership, direction and appointment of membership to such taskforce.

Reading from a Resolution creating the Task Force, Commissioner Thurman Houston stated, “Believing the Town has a significant public interest in ensuring citizens feel safe, valued, included and heard, and that the Town can substantially benefit from bringing together citizens from all diverse backgrounds regardless of race, ethnicity, age, religion, gender, and economic status with the purpose of healing, learning, building relationships and growing together, the Town seeks to foster unity, promote awareness and create opportunities for dialog throughout all community entities, including businesses, faith-based organizations, schools, non-profit organizations, and all citizens in our Town.”

Initial members of the Task Force include Miles Atkins, Rakeem Brawley, Raynisha Caldwell, Ron Campurciani, Jameka Haynes, Randy Hemann, Thurman Houston, Antonio McConnuighey Sr., and Tanae McLean.

When asked why they wanted to be involved in this taskforce, McConnuighey stated, “I am doing this for my grandchildren, and the children of my grandchildren. We are all the foundation for tomorrow.”

Haynes added, “Everyone deserves the right to be treated with decency and respect regardless of their background. This taskforce is ready to lead with bravery and courage to bridge gaps in our community because we need each other. We will hold ourselves accountable and give a voice to those that don’t feel like they are heard, seen, or valued.”

A video series entitled “Community Conversations” is being developed and will air on all Town media outlets. The first video showcasing a conversation between Rakeem Brawley, organizer of a recent peaceful protest of more than 600 people, and Town Manager Randy Hemann will be released on Thursday, September 10.

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