Special to Iredell Free News

The Town of Mooresville’s Parks and Recreation Department is seeking public input on upcoming improvements at Mooresville Skate Park.

After the Skate Park’s Master Plan was created in 2008, the park, located at 748 West Iredell Avenue, was partially constructed.

The Parks and Recreation Department has recently hired consultants Team Pain Skate Parks and CLH Design to enhance the park’s offerings and “bring it up to modern-day standards,” according to Parks and Recreation Director Pam Reidy.

“This project will allow us to do a couple of things, including looking at the current layout of the park and seeing what we might be able to change to refresh it, and taking another look at the Master Plan to update it and make it contemporary for today’s skaters,” said Reidy.

Florida-based Team Pain, led by founder Tim Payne, has more than 30 years of experience creating custom skate parks and is well-known in the skating community.

The upcoming virtual meeting on December 29 with Team Pain and Parks and Recreation is an opportunity for the public to provide feedback on the elements currently in place, as well as what they would like to see in the Skate Park.

This meeting is the first step in gathering information for the project.

Virtual Meeting Info

The meeting will take place at 6 p.m. on December 29 and can be accessed by visiting gotomeet.me/teampain/Mooresville and using the access code 479-458-325.