Mooresville resident Kim Goodman was stabbed to death at her home on July 11, 1983.


The N.C. Parole Commission has turned down convicted murderer Brett Abrams’ latest bid for parole following a public outcry against his release.

Abrams was sentenced to life in prison in 1984 for stabbing 20-year-old Kim Goodman to death while she was sunbathing behind her home in the Brookview community near Highway 150 in Mooresville.

A graduate of South Iredell High School and Mitchell Community College, Kim was preparing to continue her education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro when she was killed. She was engaged to be married and planned to return to Mooresville to teach dance after earning her bachelor’s degree.

After an article detailing Abrams’ crime and the Goodman family’s efforts to block his release was published by Iredell Free News in early May, dozens of people sent emails and letters to the Parole Commission opposing Abrams’ release.

The family received notification on Saturday that commissioners had denied Abrams’ application for parole. 

In a statement Saturday, the Goodman family expressed its gratitude for the community’s efforts to keep the killer behind bars.

“We have been amazed by your support and response to the newspaper article and we would like to thank you. Your heartwarming comments about Kim and our family have given us much comfort. We know that many of you have sent letters and e-mails to the Commission in support of our efforts and expressing your concerns. We are appreciative for each and every one.”

Abrams, 51, will be eligible for parole again in May of 2022.

In the statement, the Goodmans pledged to continue working to prevent Abrams from being paroled and endangering others.

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