A video produced by the Coddle Creek Elementary staff simulates what back to school will look like come Monday. Watch the video HERE.


Coddle Creek Elementary School students wearing protective masks boarded an Iredell-Statesville Schools bus outside of the school to simulate what back to school will look like come Monday, August 17.

The students were part of a video, recorded by Assistant Principal Shaun Bock, showing how students should get on and off buses, enter the school building, enter classrooms, enter PE and what lunch might look like.

Principal Susan Fail said the school’s leadership team made the video to help parents make an informed decision about whether or not to send their child back to school.

“We haven’t seen students since the second week in March. We wanted kids not to get confused and make sure we had clear processes,” Fail explained.

“We are excited to see everyone back whether they are in person or virtual,” she added.

Inside the classrooms, things will look a bit different, with fewer desks — spread further a part — and fewer students per classroom at any given time.

A classroom that normally would have 28 desks will now have 14 desks.

Recess will also look different. No masks will be allowed outside due to the extreme heat.

Students will walk into PE and locate their social distancing landing spot. Students can then take off their masks and begin PE lesson for the day.

Although masks breaks are built into the day, students can indicate that they need an additional mask break by pointing to their mask while at their seat.

She also mentioned that the day-to-day things, such as coming up to the office and keeping kids six feet apart while waiting in the car rider line all had to be thought out.

“We are excited to be back, but we ask that parents be graceful knowing safety is the no one priority for all the schools. Some of the processes will take a little longer, but I would rather it take a little longer than rush through it and have someone get sick,” Fail said.

Fail anticipates that she’ll have 288 virtual students and around 425 in-person students.

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