Special to Iredell Free News

The Statesville ABC Board has made its quarterly distributions, giving out a total of $51,003 to the City of Statesville, Mitchell Community College, Iredell-Statesville Schools and Iredell Museums.

The North Carolina ABC system is set up so that, after paying taxes and expenses, local ABC boards share their profits within their local communities.

For the third quarter of its fiscal year, the Statesville ABC Board made the following distributions:

♦ $10,172 to Mitchell Community College;
$10,172 to Iredell-Statesville Schools; and
$4,069 to the Iredell Museums.

In addition, the City of Statesville received $4,816 from mixed beverage profits, $16,275 from retail sales and $5,499 for alcohol law enforcement services provided by the Statesville Police.

In addition to the quarterly distributions, the Statesville ABC Board also funds alcohol education grants to local organizations involved in the assessment, intervention, treatment and referral of alcohol and drug related issues in the community. Last year, $58,500 was distributed.

The Statesville ABC stores have been allowed to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic and are making sure that employees and customers are protected from possible transmission of the virus.

“We are very grateful for the cooperation our customers have shown as we do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community,” said Tip Nicholson, Statesville ABC General Manager.


For more information on the Statesville ABC distributions and education grants, go to www.statesvilleabc.com or call 704-873-5078.