Troutman Town Council members selected Danyel Miller as Citizen of the Year and Troutman Baptist Church as Organization of the Year during the council meeting on Thursday.

Miller, according to nominator Whitney Fesperman, “has a heart for service. She is always willing to step up and help out in any way possible. She does so many unseen things for people throughout the community.”

Miller volunteers several days a week at Troutman Elementary School, helping out in classrooms, raising money, assisting with the yearbook, and setting up special events and activities.

Another service performed by Miller is volunteering at the Good News Club, a free organization offered to children once a week after school at Troutman Elementary.

Miller also volunteers at Troutman Middle School as needed and arranges special recognitions, like having treats delivered to teachers by prominent community figures.

“She always does a phenomenal job with a smile on her face,” said Miller.

At Troutman Baptist Church, Miller assists in organizing community events as well as volunteering with children and youth programs. Through these activities, Miller also supports the needs of local charities and ministries.

Miller is also a frequent volunteer at community fundraisers for charitable organizations or people suffering an illness. She works to recruit bakers and cooks or gathers donations for these events. She is also an active supporter of the officers of the Troutman Police Department.

“Danyel is a great example of an outstanding citizen,” said Fesperman. “She brings many aspects of our community together just by being involved in so many areas and knowing the different needs in each group.”

“I can think of so many other ways, just small acts of kindness, that she does for others that no one ever knows about. She shares and passes this love of service for others along to her children.

“She is a genuine, selfless, and giving lady. She does not require recognition, but she deserves it,” added Fesperman.

Organization of the Year

Parks and Recreation Director Emily Watson nominated Troutman Baptist Church for the organization of the year recognition because the church has been “a consistent and faithful partner to the Town of Troutman.”

The church always sends many hands to assist in various town events, such as 5Ks, parades, or park events. Church members also frequently donate needed supplies like Easter baskets or water bottles, to drives or special events.

The church’s pastors also provide invocations for Town Council meetings or other events when asked.

When town staffing availability is low, church volunteers even offer to completely handle an event for the town.

Town staff also enjoys the encouraging messages that members send, expressing their appreciation for their services. “We appreciate this church and all that it does for the community and the citizens of Troutman,” Watson added.

Mayor Teross Young, after the vote affirming the recognitions, said the council hopes to formally recognize the honorees at its regular July meeting, providing that COVID-19 meeting restrictions are lifted by that time.

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