American Renaissance School

Special to Iredell Free News

American Renaissance School announced its teacher assistant and teacher of the year awards for the elementary grades and middle grades for the 2020-2021 school year on Tuesday:

Jan Lackey

Elementary Teacher Assistant of the Year

Jan Lackey was recognized as Teacher Assistant of the Year for grades K-5. Jan “mothers” many students every year. She provides the love and compassion students need throughout the day. She has a passion to help students be successful both academically and socially. She is always willing to lend a helping hand, goes above and beyond with her interventions, and has greatly increased students’ abilities with their learning. She is an amazing teacher to the children and has been a positive example for her colleagues.

Emily Keith

Elementary Teacher of the Year

Emily Keith was honored as Teacher of the Year for grades K-5. Emily’s love and compassion for teaching is evident in her classroom. She models love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control on a daily basis! Her students are loved from the moment they step into her classroom, and she makes learning fun and exciting! She leaves lasting impressions on her students!

Casey Steeb

Middle School Teacher Assistant of the Year

Casey Steeb was honored as Teacher Assistant of the Year for grades 6-8. Casey has taken on MTSS with little direction and made it her own and always works with the best interest of students in mind. She constantly wears a smile as she handles one of the most challenging jobs in the school with grace, dignity, and professionalism. She is respected by her students and colleagues alike.

Cathy Berkley

Middle School Teacher of the Year

Cathy Berkley was recognized as Teacher of the Year for grades 6-8. Cathy has stepped up as a leader in our school. She is professional, dependable, and makes sure everything is set for staff to be successful. She is not afraid to ask the hard questions and continues to fight for the good of all. She is a great teacher and advocate for staff and students who spends countless hours making sure that the middle school staff and students are prepared for any situation. Her colleagues hold her in the highest esteem and have so much respect for her.