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The City of Statesville reported two incidents in which untreated wastewater was released into local creeks this week.

The firs incident involved a discharge of an estimated 1,350 gallons of untreated wastewater on Thursday, January 14, at 1354 Twin Oaks Road, located near the Iredell County Solid Waste Facility.

The untreated wastewater was discharged into Fourth Creek via a tributary at the site of the spill, city officials said. A broken pipe caused the spill that was stopped within 30 minutes of notification. The line has been repaired.

The City of Statesville experienced a second discharge of an estimated 1,903 gallons of untreated wastewater on January 14, at 616 Crescent Lane near the intersection of Rolling Lane and Crescent Lane. The untreated wastewater was discharged into Third Creek via a tributary at the site of the spill.

A stoppage caused by debris at an outfall sewer main caused the spill. The debris has now been cleaned and repaired.

The N.C. Division of Water Resources was notified of both events on January 14, and is reviewing these incidents. For more information, contact the City of Statesville at 704-761-2383.

General Statute 143-215.1C requires that the owner or operator of any wastewater collection or treatment works to issue a press release when an untreated wastewater discharge of 1,000 gallons or more reaches surface waters.

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    • Storm drainage and waste waste water systems are completely separate and do not mix. However, I do agree that the stormwater infrastructure is lagging behind development, and will continue to cause problems such as localized flooding, and damage to creeks and streams.

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