More than three dozen Iredell-Statesville Schools staff members and nearly 1,000 district students were required to quarantine or isolate due to possible exposure to COVID-19 between August 20 and August 26.

According to the first I-SS COVID-19 Dashboard of the new school year:

♦ Staff or students at 23 district schools were impacted by COVID-10. 

♦ A total of 10 staff members and 59 students tested positive during the reporting period.

♦ A total of 41 staff members quarantined or isolated due to school or community contact, or because they exhibited symptoms of COVID-19.

♦ A total of 784 students were quarantined due school and community contact, and another 202 students isolated with symptoms.

According to district officials, only seven cases were related to secondary spread in schools.

Here are the schools where students or staff were directly impacted during this reporting period:

Elementary Schools

♦ Celeste Henkel   
♦ Central 
♦ Cloverleaf 
♦ Cool Spring
♦ East Iredell 
♦ NB Mills  
♦ Lakeshore 
♦ Scotts
♦ Sharon
♦ Shepherd
♦ Third Creek
♦ Woodland Heights

Middle Schools 

♦ East Iredell 
♦ Lakeshore
♦ Oakwood
♦ Third Creek
♦ West Iredell

High Schools

♦ Lake Norman
♦ North Iredell
♦ South Iredell
♦ West Iredell

I-SS COVID-19 Dashboard (August 20-26)

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  1. Are you going to make the kids use mask now? I have two elementary school aged boys who could get it. This needs to be addressed!

  2. I’m glad I have my kids on virtual classes, I knew this was going to happen and I’m sure the worst is coming.

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