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Iredell Crosby Scholars celebrated the class of 2021 with drive-thru celebrations on April 24 and April 25.

Winners of more than $21,000 in scholarships were announced during the events in Statesville and Mooresville. There are 249 seniors from 11 high school programs who completed the program this year. All of them were eligible to apply for these awards.

Scholarship Winners

Art Gibel Community Builder Award ($1,000): Harrison Kendall, CCTL Early College

Art Gibel Scholarship by the Goodwill NWNC Board of Directors ($1,000): Lacie Brotherton, Lake Norman High School

Board of Directors Award ($250): Tiara Byerly, Ag and Science Early College; Noah Leviner, CCTL; Jacob Norman, Crossroads; Matthew Fisher, iAcademy; Daphne Kielmanowitz, Lake Norman High School; Nathan Hall, Langtree Charter Academy; Azariah McGowan, Mooresville High School; Carson Pierce, North Iredell High School; Owen Lally, Pine Lake Prep; Ashanti Holland, South Iredell High School; Morgan Wilson, Statesville High School; Riely Melvin, West Iredell High School

Mooresville Rescue Squad Scholarship ($1,000): Harrison Kendall, CCTL; Avery Hawks, Gabrielle Gazaille, and Walker Weatherford, Lake Norman High School; Paige (DJ) Cook, South Iredell High School, North Iredell Opportunity Scholarship $1,000: Gracen Cardell and Sydney Tuthill, North Iredell High School; Brittany Acosta, Statesville High School

Joyce Kohfeldt Determination Award ($1,000): Cade Ayris, South Iredell High School; Jacob Blizard, Shannon Geraghty, and Sara Nuss, Mooresville High School; Maggie Selman, Crossroads Early College

Goodwill Willpower Scholarship ($1,500): Shannon Geraghty, Mooresville High School

Aspire Video Scholarship ($500): Kaitlyn Hart, Lake Norman High School

Teacher Impact Award ($200): Grace Tang, South Iredell High School

Community College Book Scholarship ($500): Michael Loyack, Mooresville High School; Abigail Goins, West Iredell High School

Crosby Scholars in Iredell County is a free program for public school middle and high school students. For more information, visit www.crosbyscholarsiredell.org.

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