Pictured (from left) are Lieutenant Donald Clodfelter, Detective Kevin Sherard, Sergeant Daniel Stikeleather, Sheriff Darren Campbell, Deputy Brock Henderson, Deputy Chris Atwood, and Sergeant William Goforth. Not pictured is Detective Craig Scannella.

Special to Iredell Free News

On Wednesday, December 15, Iredell County Sheriff Darren Campbell presented seven deputies with their Advanced Law Enforcement Certificates and two deputies with their Intermediate Law Enforcement Certificates from the N.C. Sheriff’s Education and Training Standards Commission.

“I am happy to present these deputies with their Advanced and Intermediate Training Certificates,” Campbell said. “These certificates represent a milestone for these deputies in their careers. The Advanced Certificate is the highest award presented by the N.C. Sheriff’s Education and Training Standards Commission. Years of service, and numerous hours of training are required to be able to achieve this goal.”

The Intermediate Certificate is the second highest award and represents hard work and many hours of school and course work. Officers must obtain their Intermediate Certificate before they can receive the Advanced Certificate.

“I want the citizens of Iredell County to know we have some of the best trained and most qualified deputies in the State of North Carolina,” Campbell said. “These awards prove this point very clearly. In order to have and keep the best deputies, we must train and provide for these deputies, and I feel we do a very good job of this”.

Pictured (from left) are Deputy Jared Church, Sheriff Darren Campbell and Deputy Chase Little.