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The Iredell Arts Council recently announced the results of its Crossroads Scholarship Show:

High School

♦ 1st Place: Emmie Bailey, “The Candy Cane,” CCTL (awarded $425)

♦ 2nd Place (4 ties will split the award)

Carissa Lopez, “A Woman,” SIHS

Emily Sharpe, “Burning Calories,” CASEC

Candace Smith, “Self Portrait,” WIHS

Jenna White, “Diet Culture,” NIHS

Middle School

♦ 1st Place: Emily Dixon, “Eyes of Fear,” BIBS, awarded $100

♦ 2nd place (ties split the cash award)

Cierra Watts, “Our Society,” LKSM

Dakota Whitener, “Self-Portrait,” LKSM

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention goes to the following middle and high school students:

♦ Candace Smith, “Black Plague Gargoyle,” WIHS
♦ Kaitlyn Burnette, “Heterochromia,” PAS
♦ Lily Brawley, “The Sunny Meadow,” CASEC
♦ Morgan Sturtevant, “Opening Up, Coming Out,” NIHS
♦ Madison Stockman, untitled, CASEC
♦ Yazmine Reid, untitled, SHS
♦ Elisabeth Jurgens, “Landscape,” LKSM
♦ Carolina Smith, “My Work of Art,” MIS

“The Iredell Arts Council would like to thank our sponsors, Lake Norman Realty and Kewaunee Scientific Corp., and our judges, Amy Sullivan and Rogelio Calvo. We look forward to watching these talented artists grow while they participate in this annual show.”

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