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Each year, Iredell County Solid Waste and Recycling issues vehicle decals to residential property owners in Iredell County, which allows them access to waste and recycling collection sites located throughout our community. These sites, by law, cannot accept materials from non-residents of Iredell County. Since the Iredell County Solid Waste and Recycling Department is supported by a yearly Solid Waste Fee and tipping fees, using the decal helps to keep costs down by keeping materials from other counties out of our collection sites.

The staff of the Iredell County Solid Waste Department would like to remind property owners who use any of the county’s collection sites to replace their old Solid Waste windshield decals with the new version, which is identified by color and year. Iredell County homeowners should have received a decal with their annual property tax statement. Residents should apply the decal as soon as they receive it and by no later than January 1. The decals must be applied to the lower left corner of the windshield on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

All Solid Waste locations will have decals available and attendants will work with eligible residents to obtain a decal if they did not receive one. Proof of residency will be required. Be prepared to provide a driver’s license or other photo ID along with a current vehicle registration, utility bill, or loan closing papers that can be used to establish proof of residence. The vehicle the decal is being requested for must be present for the decal to be issued. Landlords are responsible for providing decals to their tenants.

However, the department will assist renters who have not received a decal in obtaining one. No more than two decals will be issued for any individual property. After January 31, the Solid Waste Department may refuse service to anyone who does not have a current decal. Non-residents attempting to dispose of materials will be subject to a $50 fine.

Some of the common questions the department receives regarding the policy are addressed below:

♦ Why is the decal so important?

Iredell County taxpayers who own a residential property pay a yearly household assessment fee to help finance the landfill and convenience sites. The decal allows site attendants to easily identify county residents. State law does not allow waste from any source other than within the county to be placed in the county landfill. Remember allowing users from elsewhere means our residents are paying the bill for illegal users.

♦ How much is the household assessment fee?

Only $56 a household per year. That works out to only $1.08 per week, or less than what you pay for one soda or bottle of water at a convenience store. That’s a great bargain. Reserving the program for only Iredell County Residents means our citizens are not paying the fees for out of county users.

♦ Why can’t I just hold up my decal as I drive by or lay it on my dash?

County ordinance states it must be affixed to the vehicle. If properly displayed, it does not cause delays while the attendant looks or asks for it. It’s possible that people living close to county borders could pass the decals to friends, relatives and neighbors who are ineligible, thus placing additional burdens on Iredell County taxpayers.

♦ N.C. State law says it’s illegal to place anything on my windshield?

Only if it obstructs the line of vision. It will not interfere if placed in the lower left corner of the windshield.

♦ I don’t want the glue making a mess on my windshield.

The glue does not leave residue. In fact, the decals are easily removed if you bend one corner upwards before applying.

♦ I own several vehicles and want one for each vehicle.

No problem, we will give you a decal for each separate vehicle you bring here. We only ask for proof of registration and that the specific vehicle is present and the decal is affixed to the vehicle at the time of receipt.

♦ I choose to not use the decal.

Failure to use the provided decal will result in a citation from the Solid Waste Enforcement Officer, which will cost $50 to resolve. Continued violations may result in the loss of privileges to use Solid Waste Facilities pursuant to the department’s Disruptive Behavior Policy.


Iredell County provides resident drop-off sites at five locations, including the landfill located at 354 Twin Oaks Road, Statesville; the Mooresville Transfer Station at 158 Macleod Drive in Mooresville; West Iredell at 257 Watermelon Road, Statesville; Snow Creek, located at 3918 Wilkesboro Highway, Statesville; and Union Grove/Harmony located at 866 West Memorial Highway in Harmony.


Further questions should be directed to the Solid Waste Department at 704-878-5430 or Kaci.Rudd@co.iredell.nc.us.

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