Mooresville town commissioners showed their commitment last week to recruiting and retaining highly qualified public safety employees.

During the February 1 board meeting, commissioners voted unanimously to implement recommendations in a pay study to increase the pay for firefighters and police officers, including members of the command staff.

Human Resources Director Tiffany Shelley said the pay increases will help the town remain competitive with other municipalities in the Charlotte region.

Among the highlights:

♦ The average salary for firefighters will increase to $41,638, which is in line with Concord and second to Charlotte;

♦ The starting salary for a fire captain will jump to $71,276, which trails only Charlotte in the region;

♦ The average salary for police officers will increase to $50,671, which is in line with what Huntersville pays and second only to Charlotte; and

♦ The starting salary for a police captain would increase to $84,832.

Commissioners Lisa Qualls and Bobby Compton expressed their support foe the salary increases.

“I like the idea to keep us near the front,” Compton said. “We don’t have to be the top dog.”

Implementation will cost the town $343,000 in 2021.


In other business:

♦ Commissioners voted to award a $246,415 contract to State Utility Contractors to construct a 1,500-foot water main extension on Mooresville Boulevard from N.C. 801 near Niagara Bottling. The extension will improve pressure and water quality to better serve the Industrial Park.

♦ Commissioners voted to award a $141,020 contract to Trull Contracting for curb replacement on Glenwood Drive.

♦ Town Manager Randy Hemann reported that the town has provided $84,000 in CARES Act funding to Mooresville Christian Ministry to help residents with water & sewer payments ($38,000), rent assistance ($35,000) and utility payments ($11,000).

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