Special to Iredell Free News

The Statesville City Council will conduct its annual Planning Retreat on Thursday, January 21, and Saturday, January 22, at the Statesville Civic Center.

Much of the retreat will focus on the forecast for Statesville’s growth and its impact on the personnel and capital needs of various departments. Planning Director Sherry Ashley will review the residential and commercial developments that have been approved and those under consideration.

In addition, Assistant City Manager Ralph Staley will review a system to help identify the cost of services versus expected revenues of annexations and developments.

Finance Director Chris Tucker will also present a comprehensive look at the City’s financial position and projections, and the funding needs for upcoming capital projects.

These presentations will culminate with a discussion by Council on its budget priorities for the upcoming year on Friday.

Attendance is limited due to COVID-19 restrictions. However the public can call into the meeting via Zoom to listen to the meeting. The link to the meeting can be found on the City’s website calendar at www.statesvillenc.net/calendar.

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