Tina Fleming was hired as Troutman police chief in October 2019.


Troutman Police Chief Tina Fleming resigned on Wednesday, along with Officer Darin Bumgarner, Mayor Teross Young confirmed Wednesday night.

Iredell Firewire broke the news of the chief’s resignation on Facebook late Wednesday afternoon, reporting that Fleming stepped down due to “irreconcilable differences” with Town Manager Ron Wyatt.

Fleming could not be reached for comment.

Wyatt said that he had not been informed that the reason cited by Iredell Firewire for Fleming’s resignation was accurate.

Town residents can rest assured that there will not be a lapse in police protection, Wyatt said. The TPD has 18 other full- and part-time officers and detectives, he said.

The department does not have a morale problem, Wyatt said.

“Any time that one of your supervisors or boss is gone, there is some confusion and some uncertainty,” the town manager explained. “At the same time, there was a couple officers that also said they were kind of expecting this long before now.”

Fleming took over the position on October 14, 2019, after an extensive search to replace Matthew Selves, who left to take a position with the N.C. League of Municipalities. Fleming had previously served as director of the law enforcement training program at Mitchell Community College.

The mayor, who was involved in the process that led to Fleming’s hiring, declined to comment on the reasons for her resignation, citing the town’s personnel policy.

Fleming “was the right leader for the right time for the town,” said Young. “I regret that she resigned, and I wish her the best. I think she’ll do fine” in the future.

The chief was well-connected in the community, having served for 17 years as a part-time TPD officer before being hired to lead the department.

“She knew a lot of folks and has a lot of great connections. Her ability to build relationships will continue to allow her to lead in the law enforcement community,” Young said.

After Iredell Firewire broke the news of the chief’s abrupt resignation, more than 200 people posted comments on Facebook.

“Chief Fleming is an awesome officer and person,” one woman wrote. “She is always looking to protect and serve. I am sorry to hear this news.”

“Tina is a fantastic police officer that I have had the pleasure of knowing for close to 30 years. Definitely a problem with the town, not her,” another person wrote.

Others criticized the town for not issuing a press release explaining the reason for her resignation.

Wyatt said Wednesday that the town would likely issue a press release on Thursday after he had consulted with the town council.

5 thoughts on “Troutman police chief submits resignation

  1. Once again the problem is the council and them bringing back Wyatt! Troutman will lose more officers because of this. Will the council ever learn? It’s time for new council members!

    • Col Baxter Williams says:

      This is very much a town manager and council problem. You had a very good police chief in Tina Fleming and you messed up by allowing her to resign. She was so good at what she did and was respected by all her officers. She was treated so unfairly and down right WRONG!! What a shame that this over qualified police chief resigned and the council denied her to even work out her two weeks notice. She was great to work for and we will miss her dearly here in the town of Troutman! To the town council and town manager: this is all on you and as we all know how stupid this was, we also know that you just can’t fix stupid!! Troutman, it’s time to get New council members and a new town manager before the whole town goes under!!!

  2. John Kindley says:

    Why does Troutman have 18 police officers and spend so much of their budget on law enforcement?

  3. Frank Harmon says:

    North Carolina is rated 31st in the nation in police per 1000 capita with 2.4 officers per 1000 population. Washington DC has the highest with 7.5. Second highest is Louisiana with 4.0. Troutman has 5.6 officers per thousand. I would say it’s over budgeted it in that department.

  4. Boyd Blevins says:

    You won’t find a better police chief than Tina Fleming. No one deserves to be treated this way. She is a good godly woman and treated everyone fairly and believes in talking to her officers instead of yelling and belittling them. She is highly respected and over qualified to be the chief. It’s sad that the Town of Troutman lost her due to the town manager and council treating her so ugly. How do they sleep at night knowing that they treated her this way? The Town of Troutman needs to rethink who they have running their town and running their amazing employees off. Wake up, Council members, and get your town in order. Prayers for the people of Troutman.

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