United Way of Iredell County Partner Agency Spotlight: Piedmont Mediation

ADDRESS: 1316 Davie Avenue, Statesville, NC 28677
PHONE: 704-873-7624
EMAIL ADDRESS: piedmontmediation1@juno.com
WEBSITE: www.piedmontmediation.com

Executive Director: Terri Masiello
Board Chair: Laurie Marzano

Number of Employees: 7

Description of services provided: Restorative Justice Youth Programs. RJ is a model that doesn’t just focus on a law that was broken, but looks at who was impacted and what relationships were harmed. The youth makes reparations, as much as possible, to those who have been harmed. Teen Court, Restitution Community Service, Sentencing Circles, Non-Attendance Mediations, Restorative Conferences, YODA (Youth Offender Diversion Alternative) Youth Classes (Clean Teens, Building Peace, Love & Logic, Emerging Adult), Adult Programs (Partners in Parenting, District Criminal Court Mediation, Medicaid Mediation).

Number of clients served in last year: 1,000-plus

What is the best way for someone to contact your agency to access services? Call 704-873-7624 or email: piedmontmediation1@juno.com. Referrals come from Dept. of Juvenile Justice, Schools, community, and law enforcement for youth programs. Adults are referred by the court system, attorneys, and agencies.

Describe the role that volunteers play in your agency: Adult and youth volunteers are used in Teen Court, Sentencing Circles, Restorative Conferences. Volunteers are important to the youth programs by serving active roles such as judge, attorneys, jury members, community representatives.

What is the best way for someone to get involved with your agency: Contact Executive Director Terri Masiello or Susan Smith 704-873-7624.

Budget for Current Fiscal Year: $475,000
United Way Funding for Current Fiscal Year: $27,183

♦ Teen Court held 20 times a year (twice a month)
♦ Clean Teens: 6 six-week classes
♦ Emerging Adulthood: 6 six-week classes
♦ Building Peace: 6 four-week classes
♦ Partners in Parenting: 12 three-hour classes

On hold due to COVID-19.