2 thoughts on “Video: I-SS superintendent discusses reopening of all schools for in-person learning as well as outlook for senior proms, graduation and wrestling

  1. The NCAA just had a National Championship tournament and every single competitor was tested every day and they had zero positive results. No sport approaches the understanding, knowledge, or discipline on how to control communicable diseases than wrestling does. And how long should these guys who know no better than any of us be allowed to tell our children they cannot play sports or have a life?

  2. Let me get this straight: more than a dozen football players can bend down inches from each other’s face, and then, grab each other on EVERY single play for 3 hours that involves nearly a 100 kids between 2 teams, but 2 wrestlers can’t wrestle for less than 10 minutes while an entire match takes less than 90 minutes when there’s less than 50 kids between 2 teams usually? Sounds like the golden cash-cow takes precedence over wrestling & prom to me.

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