10 thoughts on “VIDEO: Iredell County Board of Commissioners Chairman James Mallory explains board’s decision to move Confederate memorial

  1. If people would take their mouth out of gear and read the resolution, what it says, not what you think is says, then you might have a better understanding.

  2. This interview helped me to better understand the complexity of the issue. Although I didn’t want to see the monument go, I feel satisfied with this logic and agree we have more important things to focus on. Great interview, sir. Thank you for your leadership.

  3. All but one County Commissioner, sold out the Voters who put them on the Board. Thank You Scottie Brown for not being scared to take a stand on our history.

  4. George Washington says:

    The statue represents the fallen family members who fought to keep states rights from the federal government. It does not represent racism; it represents the strength of the people who live by the constitution and is very relatable to the problems going on today. The left is obsessed with racism. I think you were manipulated and made a coward’s decision because it misrepresents the reasons why the U.S. is as great of a country as it is. You don’t have to make every individual happy. Hell, most of Historic Statesville was built during slavery. Tear it all down, why don’t ya.

  5. Steven Campbell says:

    In plain English, the majority of voters did not vote for him to back down from one little white girl, which he did. If the statue is not safe a block from the square with cameras and lights, what the hell makes these idiots (which I stupidly voted for and never will again) thinks it’s going to be safe in a crime, drug dealing Oakwood Cemetery, which is not safe after dark? I have things damaged and stolen from a grave there all the time. Ride through there late afternoon and dark and watch what goes on if you have the nerve, but be careful to not slip on the condoms. Fourth Creek Cemetery has monuments, headstones destroyed how many times? That is just the two that have been discussed. Put an MLK statue beside it where it is; I could care less.

  6. Ralph Church says:

    What about the “burr under the saddle” of the citizens who wanted to keep the name of Lakewood Park and are Pro Monument? I guess they don’t matter. I guess true Patriots aren’t supposed to be proud of their heritage and history. Oh well, I’ll just read a Dr. Seuss book and keep drinking the Kool-Aid. Oh, I forgot. Dr. Seuss is too offensive to mention.

  7. So Commissioner Mallory is appeasing “his friends” and major contributors to county and city…. but the statue will be moved on tax payers’ dime!

  8. Joseph Jones says:

    All this is, is Liberal cancel culture. Cancel White people. Cancel our history, cancel our morals, cancel our education system, steal the election, open our borders to Covid positive illegals, take away our rights, smother us with masks, take away our jobs, take sports away from women. Be Less White. Giving in, in fear of BLM only emboldens them. You don’t honor the men that died for our country, but you want to replace them with illegals and Communism.

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