The Mooresville Graded School District Board of Education asked for public input amid their search for the district’s next superintendent.

On Tuesday night, during a special public comment period during the board’s meeting, parents and community members answered the call by sharing some of the qualities that they want to see in the district’s next leader.

“We want a genuine person who has a clear vision of what a thriving school district looks like where students gain a strong academic foundation that will provide what they need to succeed beyond high school,” said Theresa Knight.

Knight said that she doesn’t want someone who is coming in with an agenda or focused on presenting a particular image of himself or the school system. She said that she wants a superintendent who is an inspirational leader with a “core set of values” that are in line with the Mooresville community.

Knight said she would like to see a superintendent similar to one she knew in San Antonio that is “laser-focused on improving our district and doing what’s right for our kids in the right way.”

Alan Richter told the board that that public education is being of as a sinking ship by many. He said that there’s a lack of respect and integrity both from parents and students and that needs to change.

Richter said that the district’s new leader must be “strong, unwavering and willing not to be the most popular person.”

“Let’s put the bar back where it goes,” Richter said. “Let’s make sure our children are held accountable for their homework on time — not the fifth time.”

“Let our teachers teach,” he said, adding that politics need to be left out of the classroom.

Monica Donaldson said that the next superintendent should be someone who is insightful and forward thinking about the future of education.

She mentioned that having laptops during the pandemic gave the district an advantage while other parents in different school systems were scrambling to get their kids the necessary tools to do their homework.

Donaldson asked for the board to consider the “superintendent’s demeanor,” mentioning that the next leader should be approachable and supportive of the school staff and teachers.

Superintendent Stephen Mauney is retiring on June 30. The board hopes to introduce next superintendent on August 1.


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