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Iredell County begin implementing EnerGov, a new permitting software, on July 26.

Collaborative efforts from teams in several Iredell County departments and staff from numerous city and town departments have diligently worked together for over a year to configure, test, train, modify procedure and draft new work rules related to the implementation of EnerGov. This collaboration led staff to better understand each department’s processes and how each department uniquely serves Iredell County citizens and applicants.

EnerGov software will enhance effectiveness by providing secure uploading of documents during the online application process such as site plans, septic system documentation and building plans for residential and commercial projects.

Implementing EnerGov is intended to simplify the application process; automate notification to all relevant departments as projects are submitted; offer ready access to application data; maintain transparency for the general public; expedite the processing of applications; and provide real-time progress notifications to the applicant.

EnerGov will serve as the primary permitting and inspection software for multi-jurisdictional and departmental utilization throughout the county including:
♦ Planning Departments in Statesville, Troutman and Iredell County;
♦ Fire Marshal offices of Statesville, Troutman and Iredell County;
♦ Iredell County Environmental Health (Onsite Water Protection and Food & Lodging);
♦ Iredell County Building Standards for both commercial and residential projects; and
♦ Other Development Services provided by the Town, City and Iredell County

There will be no substantive change to the permitting process for projects that fall within the town limits of Mooresville or in the Mooresville extraterritorial jurisdictions (ETJ). Applicants must first apply for and obtain a zoning approval from the town, then make a separate application to Iredell County for a permit to demolish, alter an existing structure, apply for a well or septic permit or construct a new building.

Despite this extra administrative step, county staff will make every effort to address projects promptly upon receiving approval from the town planning authority.

Each project, no matter how big or small is important. Staff’s goal is to simplify the application process for the public while achieving greater efficiency throughout the review and inspection process.

Continue to check the Building Standards website from any computer or smart mobile device to create an account, start your project or make online transactions after the customer Go Live date of July 26 at https://www.iredellcountync.gov/253/Schedule-Inspections.

During the time of transition, on July 22 and July 25, the county will only be accepting hard-copy applications that will be entered manually by our permitting team after the Go Live date.

Staff also asks for the public’s patience during the start-up phase as they work through any glitches or further change any processes to improve customer service.

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