Parents and members of Moms for Liberty are calling for the removal of books from Iredell-Statesville Schools libraries that they claim contain sexual passages inappropriate for children.

Moms for Liberty member Paula Mimnaugh, a former teacher in Montgomery County, raised the issue with the I-SS Board of Education during the public comment period during Monday’s board meeting. According to the group’s private Facebook page, Moms for Liberty – Iredell County, NC “is dedicated to the survival of America by unifying, educating and empowering parents to defend their parental rights at all levels of government.”

Mimnaugh claimed that that there is “pornographic literature” in the Troutman Middle School library. She told the board that she heard that two of the titles are in the library and she wants to investigate the matter.

With children in the audience, she said she didn’t want to publicly name the titles or divulge specific details about the books.

Mimnaugh told the board that she had contacted the school to see if she could come and see if the books were there and take pictures of them. However, the principal told her that those two books were not there in the school’s library and that she couldn’t come inside the school to see about the book.

Mimnaugh said that she questions whether or not the principal is hiding something.

“If the books aren’t there, why can’t I come and look?” she asked the board. “I won’t find anything if they aren’t there.”

While at the podium, she thumbed through a thick packet of documents and told the board that each page contained pornographic passages from various books and titles in school libraries.

In an interview, Mimnaugh identified the offensive books as “Almost Perfect” by Brian Katcher and “Another Day” by David Levithan. She said that she is certain that the books are at the school and said she could probably find more titles.

Earlier during Monday’s meeting, the board agreed to add a discussion to a future meeting agenda at the suggestion of board member Bryan Shoemaker.

Shoemaker said he and Superintendent Jeff James have heard other concerns about some book titles and their appropriateness.

“We do have a policy in place to handle this situation. However, it doesn’t specifically address if there is a concern if you are a parent,” Shoemaker said.

He asked the superintendent to bring a recommendation to the board next month about how to handle the book complaints that the board has received.

Shoemaker also asked James to review books to see if they are “educational and developmentally appropriate.”

40 thoughts on “Moms for Liberty member claims there is ‘pornographic literature’ in I-SS school library

    • Oh, great! Book banning comes to Iredell County. Not surprised. This state is way too full of ignorant Trump cult members.

      • Wow that’s concerning that you would be ok with pornographic material. It has no place at the school. Are you even a parent or just a left leaning perv?

        • Is there even a consensus on what “pornography” is or exactly what she means when using the term? The definition is
          “ Pornography (often shortened to porn, or porno) is the portrayal of sexual subject matter for the exclusive purpose of sexual arousal.”

          If that’s what is happening than the book probably doesn’t belong there. Otherwise, it depends on the context of the book.

      • Susan L McFadden says:

        It’s always the “don’t tread on me” groups that are 1st to want to take your freedoms away..

        • What freedoms are being taken away Susan? Grooming of children is not guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. Those is graphic stuff. Go peddle that LGBTQ whatever somewhere else. I’m gay and married to a man. This stuff is wrong for middle school kids!

  1. If you are so concerned about pornographic literature in the school libraries then perhaps you should enroll your children in church school or homeschool. While you’re at it, why don’t you block them from using the internet, their phones, watching TV, spending time with friends, going out in public, etc.? I wanted my children to learn about good and bad things so they were better prepared to make the best decisions. Don’t you want to teach them and answer their questions regarding sexuality instead of them learning information from friends who don’t usually hold that wealth of knowledge? We are not in the 40’s and 50’s and we cannot go back to those times as it is too late. Just because you want to bury your families’ heads in the sand does not mean that the rest of the population wants that. Is this Hitler’s Germany?

    • This is why private schools are popping up everywhere. Public Schools are as popular as STD’s. If you get one, you have to deal with it, but you avoid them at all costs. For the Peasant Class! Serfs!

    • Really Teryl? I hope as a parent you are monitoring what your child as access to on their tv, iPads etc. Why do you think movies are rated and there’s a specification for nudity, violence, etc? We still live in a world where parents want to protect their children’s minds and promote purity. Even if that’s not important to you it is to a vast majority of parents.

  2. I’m sure this Karen has parental filters on every single device connected to the internet in her Karen Lair. What a load of garbage. Let me guess, you want the Xtian Bible added back into the library too, right Karen? Read that if you want some real juicy stuff. It even gives a play-by-play guide on how to perform an abortion. People have the right to Freedom of Expression in this country, whether you agree with it or not. If you don’t want your child to read a certain book, instruct them not to. Bet that works too. Bunch of whiny Bible-thumping crybabies.

  3. Mom’s for Liberty are anything but — they are just sheep following a pattern nationwide, trying to destroy our public schools. Beware!

    • So true. It’s a priority to some to privatize all schools for money making and brainwashing purposes.

    • Doubt it. Ms. Mimnaugh has obviously struck a cord due to the amount of fury she gotten here. Now I’m gonna go to the School Board Meeting.

  4. Clearly the Liberal Party is represented here! Everyone pile on. I’m guessing there are some Education Association Members represented in the previous posts. As a parent I’m stunned by what is being permitted in school today. It’s not books to help kids gather information. This is old school, brown paper bag at the checkout counter stuff. Not “it’s okay to love different” as it’s being sold. Look up these books. Before you pass judgment on concerned parents, call names, and degrade another point of you. Our Lt. Govonor Mark Robinson would be very interested in this situation.

      • I think the “as a parent” phrase means not an internet troll spreading the Liberal agenga. Your not that bright are ya?

        • Dr Dankenstein says:

          It’s “you’re”. I hope you see the irony in calling someone not too bright while committing grammatical errors in your statement. This is why books are important.

          • I believe it maybe be autocorrect that caused a grammar error, but by all means Dr. Dank, point out how superior you are! After all, anyone that disagrees with you, must be ignorant. Tolerant left.

  5. Didn’t ISS have an Assistant Principal fired for Internet Child Pornography a year or so ago here in Mooresville? Seems about right. Great Public Schools! North Carolina is terrible and the previous comments are proof positive of these outcomes.

  6. I only see one group spouting hate here. It’s clearly angry from one side only. What’s wrong with asking questions if there is nothing to hide? Let’s see the books. Everyone can judge for themselves. I don’t have a dog in the fight, but this much anger tells me there is something to what Paula is saying. Protest too much.

  7. Hee hee. This woman is convinced my book is hiding somewhere in the school. She’s surprised the principal won’t let her turn the school upside down looking for it.

  8. I would rather be a square dancing chicken, or hick, than a brainwashed Nazi Liberal who can’t think for themselves!

  9. Dr. Strangelove says:

    There burning book, help, my child won’t be able to check out the Anarchist Cookbook! Whatever shall we do? Censorship, censorship! Cries of the keyboard warriors.

  10. Show of hands. How many Democratic Paid Trolls are terrified Parents might ask about books, Statesville Schools Curriculum, etc? I’m guessing all. I smell fear!

    • Charlie Adams says:

      And I smell Christo-Fascist scum trying to get a stranglehold on the school system. Bald-faced liars and bigoted goose-stepping Reich-wing wannabes, using children as a stepping stone to power while pretending they actually have some concerns for those children.

      • Cristo-Scum? So you just labeled all Christians scum and want anyone to listen to you? The level of stupidity is just too deep to even touch on that one! The Left is DESPERATE to maintain control that they lost when parents found out what was being taught via Zoom during Covid. You screwed up. They know. They are awaken. They are voting. This is desperation and Charlie here knows it.

  11. Isn’t this the same Paula Mimnaugh that said that the federal government was “…bribing the public schools to abuse children” related to COVID funds and masking? and she was a teacher?????

  12. These posts are sad examples of how faceless social media posts do more harm than good. And how a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous.

  13. Honestly I have not been very happy with the selection of books that they require our kids to read. So many of them are depressing or about a dystopian world. They seem very negative. In this day where so many middle and high schoolers are dealing with anxiety and depression, why not choose more uplifting books and subject matter? Also the books do include casual sex, without commitment. I feel like this tends to normalize casual sex. In this era of so many teen pregnancy and STDs, why would we want to encourage this?

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