The Iredell County Sheriff’s Office was unable to corroborate a report of a threat of violence at North Iredell High School on Thursday.

ICSO personnel investigated the report but could not find evidence that a student made a threat, Sheriff Darren Campbell said on Friday.

Also on Thursday, three students at North Iredell were charged with misdemeanor assault in connection with an incident at the school involving another student that occurred on November 3, according to the ICSO.

Campbell said that information on social media that the three students had assaulted a student in the Exceptional Children’s program were inaccurate.

Misinformation about the threat began spreading on social media on Thursday and gained traction after the school was placed on security alert with limited movement while the report of the threat was investigated.

Parents were notified of the situation at North Iredell High via phone message, district officials said.

School resource officers will investigate all reports related to violence on school campuses, Campbell said.

The sheriff encourages all students to notify their SRO or report information about threats through the ICSO app.