For the first time in two years, the Statesville Police Department held an awards and promotion ceremony to recognize SPD personnel for outstanding performance.

SPD Chief David Onley also honored the hard work and dedication of former Chief Steve Hampton.

Onley presented Hampton with the inaugural “Chief Excellence Award” for Hampton’s work in helping solve a nearly 30-year-old homicide case.

“He set an example for us as a police department by helping solve the case,” Onley shared.

Willie Gene Allison, 38, and Michael Scott III, 37, were shot and killed during the robbery at a home on Washington Street on September 25, 1992. A third man, Kirk Douglas Gray, 39, was also shot but he survived.

An Iredell County grand jury returned indictments against two suspects earlier this summer,

“This was a culmination of everybody’s work,” Onley said. “I thank you all for helping me get this headed to court.”

Statesville City Councilwoman Doris Allison thanked the department for solving her brother’s murder.

“A lot of tears and pain our family has gone through,” she said. “I never thought this day would come, but I was hopeful.”


♦ Corporal: Josh Edge, Randolph Charbonneau, Travis Chapman


♦ Advanced Certificate: Ashley Berens, Attire Killian, Kevin Eiss

♦ Unit Citations: Brad Simmerson, James Castillo, Travis Chapman, Aaron Herman, Charles Shepherd, Bryan Whitley, Chris Stewart, Karen Tapia, Ashley Berens, Robert Lindberger, Adam Wilkes, Fredrick King, Ty McBride, Craig Wolfe, Josh Moody, Michael Mitchell, Chase Chambers, Shannon Humphrey, Andrew Mason, Marc Carmona, Casey Hoover, Christy Cleary, Devin Schenz, Bryce York


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