Six new picnic tables donated by Trinity Episcopal Church in Statesville are being put to good use by the Boys & Girls Club of the Piedmont during recess and snack time.

James Hogan

Trinity Episcopal made the donation in honor of former church member James Hogan in recognition of his time at the church as well as his service to the community. He was instrumental in helping his church transition to live streaming its services during the COVID-19 pandemic and served as chairman of the Boys $ Girls Club board for several years.

A former vice president at Mitchell Community College, Hogan recently relocated after accepting a position as assistant vice chancellor at Western Carolina University. 

The church took up donations and bought six tables for the Boys & Girls Club. Church members came to the club and stained them and also gave a financial gift.

On each picnic table, there is a small plaque that pays tribute to Hogan and his leadership and contributions to the club as well as Trinity Episcopal.

Jean Foster, a member of Trinity Episcopal Church, organized a special dedication ceremony on April 29. Hogan, who came back for the ceremony, was surprised and touched by the tribute.

“It’s affirming. The best thing we can do is bring folk together that can help,” Hogan said. “People of faith, people who work in education, people who serve, all sitting around the table at the Boys and Girls Club is amazing.”

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