Town of Troutman officials commended the town staff and many volunteers and participants who donated their time and talents to make the the Independence Day Parade and Festival a success.

Town Manager Ron Wyatt applauded the work of Troutman police and other law enforcement agencies who provided security and command for the two events.

Wyatt believed this parade had both the most participants and the most spectators of any parade the town has presented. “I’m very tickled with what they did,” he said.

He noted one change, moving to the CATS campus as the staging area instead of the fairgrounds, as part of that improvement to accommodate traffic flow and businesses’ needs at the two shopping centers.

Planning for the next year’s parade begins almost immediately with a debriefing. Communications & Employee Services Director Emily Watson compiled a “recipe” notebook that details every aspect of the events, which is updated with new insights each year.

Mayor Teross Young mentioned that Troutman’s prayers are with the people of Highland Park, Illinois, whose parade celebration at the same time was marred with violence and death. He thanked local law enforcement for providing safety for the community to gather for this celebration.

Wyatt also doused rumors of a fire in the field adjoining the fairgrounds cutting the fireworks celebration at the evening festival short. Wyatt and staff decided to start the fireworks at 9:15 p.m. rather than 9:30 after learning storms were rolling into the area.

All of the purchased fireworks were completely activated but at a faster pace because of the incoming storms. The smoke that spectators saw was the normal smoke coming from the fireworks being triggered. Wyatt emphatically stated that rumors of a fire were untrue.


The updated Town Charter received legislative approval recently. A committee of staff, Town Attorney Gary Thomas, and council members worked on updating the language concerning current town government structures and state statutes.

Wyatt expressed appreciation for their work, which started after Thomas brought forth the need for updates last year. Council member George Harris was honored to be part of the revision process.


Council member Eddie Nau expressed concerns about code enforcement violations and trash in certain problem areas. Wyatt noted one code situation would be brought before the council on Thursday and the other had been addressed with the owner, who said he would bring the property into compliance.

Regarding the persistent trash issues at the closed carwash, Wyatt said the property owner is very cooperative with the town in repeatedly cleaning up litter left by trespassers. He has tried to block access to no avail.

The property owner is considering reopening the business or some other venture if it is economically feasible. The NCDOT is planning road widening and intersection changes in 2029 that may impact the property.


The council will hear store manager Evelyn Walls present the fiscal year-end ABC quarterly report.

Council will consider:

♦ Approval of a resolution to ratify updated charter of the Centralina Regional Council

♦ Approval to accept a $46,000 fee in lieu of sidewalk construction for the one part of the Weathers Creek subdivision because a bridge needs to be constructed before sidewalk construction.

♦ Amendments to schedule of fees, including removal of $5 convenience fee for phone payments as the town moves to an IVR payment system, updating of new water and sewer rates, and adding flexible off-duty police officer security rates (per police chief’s discretion) for non-town events at the park.

♦ Amendment to water and sewer service policy to reflect removal of the $5 convenience fee.

♦ Facade approval for accessory structures at Desired Image Collisions and Customs (tabled from October 14, 2021 meeting).

♦ Approval of annexation request of .42 acres at 126 Gilcrest Lane.

♦ Approval of annexation request for 1.19 acres at 681 South Eastway Drive by Touche Homes.

♦ Appointments and reappointments to the Planning and Zoning Board and the Board of Adjustment.

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