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United Way of Iredell County announced Thursday that it will partner with 22 agencies across Iredell County through the 2022-2023 Community Investment process.

These agencies align with the mission of United Way by supporting critical services in the areas of education, health and financial stability. Each of these 22 nonprofits has demonstrated their ability to positively impact our community during an extensive review process by a panel of local volunteers.

These 22 agencies will receive $408,036 in direct grants to support their success. Overall United Way of Iredell County plans to invest $1,030,743 in grants and direct services in Iredell County during the upcoming fiscal year.

“We are so proud that this year the United Way of Iredell County will be covering and supporting agencies throughout the entire county!” board chair Shannon Viera said. “Seventeen of the agencies funded during our community investment process service the entire county.

“As relationships grow throughout Iredell our board hopes that even more agencies will feel comfortable to apply in future years,” she added.

The Community Investment process is just one of the many ways nonprofits are supported by the United Way of Iredell County. 

In the upcoming year increasing volunteerism in nonprofits will be a primary goal for the staff.

Other ways United Way of Iredell County supports nonprofits include the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP funds), Love United Iredell, Foundation Directory Online access, grant writing education, connecting agencies to reduce unneeded duplication of programming, pairing with local businesses/government agencies as needed and endless collaborative efforts that build long-term effectiveness and relationships across the county.

United Way of Iredell County is looking forward to adding to the capacity of these 22 organizations and the entire county as much as possible throughout the year by remembering an important lesson learned during COVID-19. This lesson is to remain flexible while constantly assessing and addressing the needs in Iredell County.

Agencies receiving Community Investment funds include:

Education Agencies

♦ Boy Scouts
♦ Boys & Girls Clubs
♦ Girl Scouts
♦ Piedmont Mediation
♦ Pharos Parenting
♦ Statesville Family YMCA
♦ Lowe’s YMCA

Financial Stability Agencies

♦ American Red Cross
♦ Fifth Street Ministries
♦ Habitat
♦ Iredell Christian Ministries
♦ Mooresville Area Christian Mission
♦ Salvation Army
♦ Yokefellow Ministry

Health Agencies

♦ Children’s Hope Alliance
♦ Council on Aging
♦ Hospice
♦ Iredell County Partnership for Young Children
♦ Lifespan Services
♦ North Iredell Rescue
♦ Troutman Rescue

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